Jacob duroux - first assistant director

Jacob became interested in filmmaking through his Mother’s work when he was young, he pursued lm throughout his education and came to love the cooperative lm making process. Production design and editing is what Jacob is most passionate about, however the opportunity to 1st AD with people he has come to respect was great to expand on his knowledge of the jobs involved in the industry. He is looking forward to continued projects in the future and building relationships with the people around him who are fascinated with the craft of filmmaking. Travel is on constantly on his mind though set life, with its pros and cons, is a realm in which Jacob, at the end of the day, thoroughly enjoys. 



declan stevens-robert - director of photography

When the raw emotion of the Rugrats Movie reduced him to tears as a young child, Declan knew he wanted to become a filmmaker. Since then, Declan has studied sociology and philosophy, giving him his insightful view into filmmaking. Since starting his studies at Grif the Film School, Declan has taken roles as a DoP, Director and writer and has a keen interest in making feature length documentaries in the future, as well as seeing Arsenal finally win the Premier League again. 



catherine ball - production designer

Ever since she was younger, Catherine had an addiction to using her digital camera to make movies with her dolls. From then onwards, she has continued to make small time videos on holidays, around the house and with family and friends. It was grade 7 of high school where her interest in lm began to expand after she made a short lm for class. Every since then she has been study- ing lm, whether it’s through high school, TAFE or University. Her love for films with twist endings, horror films and romantic comedies have pushed her to write or produce something of her own. Through-out her years at lm school she was always heavily involved with either Production Design or Producing. Her interest in these areas has pushed her to work outside of university, and into the industry. Her most notable achievement to this date is working as part of the production design team on the Channel 7 Tele-movie, Hoges. Her dream is to one day teach children around the world about the art of filmmaking, and hopes to inspire them to become the next best filmmakers of the generation.