alexandra king - sound recordist

Always ready to capture the moment from a young age, Alexandra has always had a passion for filmmaking. After being heavily involved in Music throughout her whole life Alexandra has discovered her passion for Sound in films. Whether it comes to recording or designing Alexandra has now developed a professional skill in Sound thanks to her studies at Grif the Film School. Due to her experience on multiple lm sets and creative aspects in post production Alexandra is now ready to continue creating high quality creative films now and in the future. 

jack campbell - sound designer

With a passion for making small flipbook animations in class and Lego stop motion at home, Jack has always loved playing with the moving picture. However, it wasn’t until 2015, halfway through his first year of nursing, that he decided to follow his passion for animating at Grif the University. Hoping that his interest in storytelling would be shared by others, he worked on a few personal projects before getting the chance to work as a sound designer for the lm Double. 


steph gurdon - continuity/editor/vfx

Throughout her school life, Steph always enjoyed making films for class and for fun. She particularly enjoyed the control and creativity that came with the editing side of filmmaking. Steph would often dig through the family computers for holiday footage to edit, if all her person- al footage had been used already. Knowing that she wanted to pursue editing, Steph enrolled at Grif the Film School and has put her hand up for every editing role she could get her hands on.